Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Why Software Development Is Important For The Economy

3 Reasons Software Development is Important For the Economy


The invention of the internet and computers has completely revolutionized much of modern society. By computing mathematical problems quickly, computers enable individuals, businesses and governments to deal with difficult problems.

Through the Internet, computers have enabled people to talk at no charge around the world. Perhaps the most transformative aspect of computers, however, is the fact that they can run software. Software can be reproduced at almost no charge, and the only limit to software is the talent level of developers. Software has clearly had a significant impact on the economy. Here are three ways that software development is important for the economy.

1. Software enables businesses to streamline operations

Business primarily deals with handling supply and demand. The logistics of handling supply and demand, however, are notoriously challenging. With the tools provided by software development, companies can automated many of the tasks that used to cost businesses a substantial amount of money. Further, software development is used to create the tools that businesses need to deal with accounting and other financial issues.

Most people think about software in terms of popular software packages and general-purpose programs. In the business world, however, many of the most important programs are made to suit the needs of individual companies. Software also plays in integral role in the stock market, and it is up to developers to craft the programs necessary to handle high levels of trading in a reliable, accurate manner.

2. Software development is a large and growing field

In the middle of the 20th century, there were few software developers. Most worked in academia, and there were a few businesses that hired small numbers of developers. Since that time, however, the software development field has grown at a tremendous rate. What guided this change was the growing use of software in the business world; big companies expanded their use of computers while small companies began to use computers for their day-to-day tasks.

By the end of the 20th century, computers had become an integral part of running businesses of all sizes, and software development grew in proportion to the needs demanded by the business world. Today, software technology is a critical component to the economy, and the money generated from massive companies such as Microsoft or smaller local software companies such as Intellicore is substantial.

3. Regulatory issues

Developing a thriving economy requires a market that is regulated properly. Here, computers have helped tremendously. Detecting fraud was notoriously challenging before government agencies had access to computers, and it is harder to get away with tax fraud today than it ever was in the past.

In addition, regulating the stock market for fraud and other illegal activities demands running sophisticated analyses that are designed to detect patterns of abuse, and computers supply the power necessary to achieve this goal. The programs used to detect these activities are some of the most complicated around, and they rely on sophisticated mathematical concepts to succeed.

While computer hardware becomes more impressive every year, it is what developers are able to do with it that allows society to benefit from computers. A sophisticated development industry is crucial for countries and businesses to succeed, and it is no surprise that much of the world is focusing on creating viable software development industries to fuel their growth.

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