Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Aberdeen Soup Kitchen Hailed As Success

Steve Bothwell and Daniel Roberts Try To Help Aberdeen's Homeless

There have been some harrowing stories in Scotland of late, especially related to the weather. Most people would have heard that recently almost 100 residents in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, were evacuated from their homes when the River Carron burst its banks and the water worryingly rose to waist-height in places.

Workers at a Soup Kitchen in Aberdeen
That's why it's good to hear some positive news for a change and this story from the Evening Express definitely falls into that category.

The owner of an Aberdeen restaurant today hailed the success of a soup kitchen. Steve Bothwell, who runs Café 52, student Daniel Roberts, who was homeless as a teenager, and friend Eilidh White helped run the successful event.

You can read more about this story here at the Evening Express.

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