Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Logo Change: Out With The Old In With The New

A Much Needed Design Makeover For This Website

Just a quick note, I recently received a less than salubrious comment about the old header here at from a Website visitor.

The header hadn't been resized correctly, and frankly on some browsers looked like a piece of clip art that had randomly been tacked onto the header section of the site.

Frankly I threw it together back in april using the Photofiltre software program, at the time I was quite please with my amateurish effort, but now on reflection the new logo in the top right part of the site looks much better.

I hope you like it! It may be in a few months I decide to update it again, but in the meantime out with the old and in with the new as the old cliche goes.

I'm also hoping to get a fresh new Website design with the folks listed here, their prices start at £500 which I think is pretty reasonable these days.

What do you think, is Wordpress a better option than Blogger in your opinion?

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