Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Welcome Return Of Google Maps

Google Maps Returns To The Iphone

Paddington Station No Longer Invisible
Paddington Station
Ever since it was first launched in 2005, privacy implications aside it seems most people love Google Maps...That is most people except Apple, who controversially replaced Google maps with its own fledgling service for the iPhone 5.

Now the BBC is reporting that after scores of complaints from those using Apple's mapping service, Google has just released a Maps app for the iPhone.

Complaints in the Guardian newspaper about Apple Maps previously included shrinking the Sears Tower in Chicago, transforming Helsinki railway station into a park, and making Paddington train station invisible to some users.

With their focus on quality control, I'm sure Apple will get their own mapping software running smoothly soon, in the meantime Apple users have a tried, tested and trusted alternative available in the APP store.

And if that doesn't work and you are tiring of technology, you can probably pick up a map and compass from Argos for under a tenner :)

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