Tuesday, 29 January 2013

3 Apps - Shopify, Xero and Vend Help Business Thrive

Taylor Stitch's Sales Triple After Implementing APPs

It's clear that the internet has revolutionised how we shop and discover new products. In this story from entrepreneur.com we learn about Michael Maher, Barrett Purdum and Mike Armenta's menswear shop "Taylor Stitch" and how business boomed.

This was in part thanks to a new strategy utilising Shopify to handle their e-commerce, Xero for bookkeeping duties and VendHQ to handle their store transactions. These apps cost around $200 per month but reaped almost immediate dividends:
".....Taylor Stitch's sales have tripled each year since launch and are expected to reach $1.5 million this year...."
If you operate an ecommerce store or online business, it may be worth having a closer look at the 3 apps listed above.

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