Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Helpful Software an Aid to Visually Challenged Students?

Satvir Singh's Braille-Enabled Assistive Software

I stumbled across this interesting story from the Times of India this morning, highlighting the achievements of Satvir Singh, a student with visual disabilities. He was the first in India to use Braille-enabled software to take his exams in 2006, what's more he developed this himself!

Digging around I discovered that this software is called "Braille Face" and translates Braille into the Hindi language. At the moment not many others have been able to utilise this, however recently one of the exam boards in India has decided to allow students to also use assistive software to help them to take their exams. 

Hopefully like Satvir Singh they pass with flying colours! 

Cheers, Scott

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  1. good news for all!
    Satveer Singh is going to launch Brailleface 3.0 soon...