Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mobile Application Development Environments

A Rainy Day Brightened By An Interesting Read

Looking out of the window right now it's clear that the rain will be thwarting me from walking the dog this morning.

Thankfully there are some good articles to read, indeed a local Aberdeen company that I think highly of, Intellicore, have been cranking out some quality reports of late.

Here's a great one about understanding different development environments that is well worth a look if this topic is your cup of tea, here's a quote from the article:
".....When it comes to developer tools, Apple's Xcode is up there with some of the best. Xcode allows users to develop applications for both OSX and iOS and includes the instruments analysis tool, iOS simulator and the latest Mac OS X and iOS SDKs. The Xcode interface is incredibly easy to navigate and use and includes several helpful features....."
Frankly I thought they were all Windows fanboys up there at Intellicore, but reading the quote quickly above dispels that myth :)

Anyway back to my toast and coffee.

Best, Scott

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