Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Why Do I Need So Much Paper Work For My Software Project!!

You might have put in a quote for a job at a software house and wondered why it is costing you so much to get it done. It might only be 3-4 days development and yet you are being charged for 5 days work. But why?

This is taking a really small project as an example but I get this all the time for the small jobs. When do you need to document and project manage it when its so small? The simple answer is to ensure the development time is as efficient as possible. If you don't give the developer good guidelines then how will he be able to give you the out put you need.

Also don't for get those meeting when you speak to the project manager who is gathering the information required to do the job. All this time costs money and these people are highly skilled and educated.

Getting development and software created isn't cheap you might think but when you compare it to the savings you make in efficiency or even the sales it generates it then becomes a cheap bit of work :-)

The point i am making is that no matter how small this job is it still needs to go through the development cycle and be done properly. As soon as you start cutting corners jobs take longer and issues start to arise.

I often get asked to do small jobs for people but it generally causes more stress than financial benefit as i have to do it around my main clients and projects. So they often don't get the attention they need. I guess I should over price them a little to make it worth my time more so i dedicate the time to them but then i feel i am over charging. Its a difficult one to think about.

Software development over the years has changed a lot. More in what it can do that anything. The advances are brought us solutions that enable even the none coders to produce systems to meet their needs. Enabling the masses to have software to aid them in their life.

That said my message is clear. Plan, document and ensure you do not cut corners! Check out this agile software development page for more information wikipedia.org/Agile_software_development. I love agile development as it allows you to easily change with business change. A great step forward in projects in my view.

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